Friday, August 10, 2007

There was one Patriot in the audience

And people wonder why I'm trying to teach honor and patriotism to my kids.


Mike said...

Interesting image. It's sad that GW has *so* phenomenally fucked things up (hey- I'm conservative as they come, but c'mon) that people don't even think to respect to the symbol of our country.

My friends, we've got a LOT of fences to mend.

qor72 said...

Yeah, well put Mike. I feel sorry for the next leaders of our country. Either, they will try to fix things and get screwed. Or they will try to continue the screwage, and get screwed.

Either way, it wont be a pretty 4 years.

How much effort does it take to stand up for your country - even if you disagree with its leadership? Respect those who volunteered, past, present, and future, to defend the causes we've let them endure.