Monday, September 10, 2007


Yes, I bought one, before the $200 price drop. Why? I'm not a Apple fan boy, although I have become a convert after my Mac book Pro. Still, I was looking longingly at the iPhone before that. Honestly? I have no good reason. For once, I chased the Jones'. No matter what the reason, it was a definite upgrade to my phone and a supreme class enhancement from the Craptop.

It's been a month now, what are my impressions? I'm hooked, most people I show it too get that "omg I would so get one if...." look, and it's amazing how much it silently integrates into your life. And no, I'm not going to show the Miss Teen USA clip again!

I haven't been bit by changing from Verizon to AT&T. The call quality is the same, if not improved in many ways. Yes, the edge network sucks, which is why I set up WiFi when I'm at my friend's houses. Everything else works, camera, calendar, etc. and it all sync's nicely with the Mac (sorry, haven't bothered to try it on the PC).

Can you do most of this with a decent phone? Sure. Does it have the Apple iPhone ease of use? Not yet, give it time though. I can see people getting infected. When I hand people the phone and start showing them how to interact with it, they are instantly hooked. It's much easier to deal with the touch screen than it is to navigate through the various click-menu's on a given phone.

Enough rambling, so one anecdote and out; I sit down from time to time and browse reader on it - a smaller version of what my Dad used to do with the newspaper. Only now my kids crawl near me, surround my head so they can see, and start asking for videos they know exist on YouTube (everything from ROFLMAO to Little Bear).

As long as it isn't Miss Teen USA again, they win. My daughter's comment when I'm browsing Reader is "Ugh. Too many words."

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