Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pavlov was right....

Man, it's easy to not realize how well you respond when the bell is rung. Lately I've been exercising some long dormant management and team lead skills. Lets face it, sitting for five years in your basement only IMing with one or two people, and working on one project at a time isn't a high stress environment. Great for grinding out tough tech problems, lousy for social interaction.

Also lousy for recognizing bad habits. Lately I've caught myself mentally gulping when I converse with my new manager. I hadn't put 2+2 together until this afternoon; each time I had had a similar conversation with my old manager, he had found a way to prove how everything was my fault. After five years of that, when the IM bell rung, I knew I was about to do something wrong - even if I hadn't.

Another bad habit outed and about to be squashed. How many more? Probably a few, but they will all get squashed. Good to be back to abnormal again.

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