Monday, October 29, 2007

That's how....

I've written here before about trying to teach patriotism or honor. These concepts don't lend themselves to a board book from Dr. Seuss. How do you tell? I found an answer this weekend.

Our local paper had an article talking about how some students a town over were working to get one million letters for our troops overseas. They had gotten the local bank to put donation boxes up where people could drop off letters for the troops.

My wife mentioned this to the kids. The eldest went over and grabbed paper and pencil and started drawing a picture and writing a story for them. The other two, seeing this, started in as well. In the end, we had three "letters" (with a lot of parental closed captioning for the younger two) that were ready to go.

.... and that's when I realized how you tell if you "got it right".

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