Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thinkgeek ftw!

I admit it, I am a ThinkGeek junkie. How can you not be? T-shirts and gear that are current and continually changed at internet pace to keep up. Yeah, they may be simple one liners on a fixed color background, but I wore my "Lag" shirt into the ground. Today's ThinkGeek RSS feed drops this fun one; "Your ringtone sucks"

Amen reverend! It's an epidemic! Something in the gene of mobile phone users lately. A good 80% of the ringtones I'm running into are the retro-analog-telephone ringing. It's like watching prairie dogs pop up looking for hunters every time I hear that tone - all the people with it grasp for their phone.

There's a reason for this folks: Your ringtone sucks!

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