Sunday, October 14, 2007

WBCOOP Tournament Notes and Reviews.....

The game started at 3pm eastern with 1324 players, and a 10k stack of chips. Top 80 places get prizes. I manage to win the first hand with a raise preflop and a small pocket pair. Already, 30 minutes later, I can't remember what the cards were.

My first table bounce was 24 minutes later and we were down to 1268. My first table was pretty tight, the largest stack was ~12k. This one, multiple players with 20+k. I'm still bouncing around the 10k starting chips.

I finally broke into the 12k range with pocket 8s after floping a set. Didn't go past the flop. Soon followed by my Q-10 beating up on one of the chip leaders with Q-9 for an 8600 chip pot. He took it back soon after though. That's poker, back to my 12k from 16k.

1st break. I am 443/952. Average stack is 14044, I'm ~1k below that. Not bad so far. We lost 372 players in the first hour. Largest stack is 104650, smallest 375. 100k? talk about right place right time. Break is over, and in we go!

We are now 200/400, at the 5th blind level. Rapidly find the 933 placed player as his pocket JJs lose to QQs. Thankfully, not me. Although I stupidly played back at a tight player and lost 2k *sigh*

Down to 902 players, Q7 lost to QQs. Haven't seen many hands recently, still around 10k.

Another table bounce. I'm on the low side here. A few 40+ and 30+k stacks. Down to 880. 800 more to go before anyone is in the prizes.

Ick, down below 10k now.... blinds are still 200/400, no ante. At this table, though, I'm a good looking snack. Doesn't help I'm the short stack at 9k. Hmm..... I go all in with AK (16:24) ... and I'm up against... AK. We split. Rah. Long way to split the blinds.

16:27 my first kill, My AJ knocked off a K-low. Back to 14k, and still short for the table.

16:33 up to 28k, out of the young lunch zone. My A8 (two pair) bet up on one of the big stacks 10-5 (two pair). Down to 729 players, another short stack at the table gets eaten alive.

16:42 and down below 20k we go.... a few bad plays, and a few outplays. Getting interesting now. Large stack at the table is 58k. Pushed it with top pair, K kicker. Back over 20k.

16:50 I have 50k! I just tripled up with my pocket 2s. 2s full of jacks on the river. Sadly, I thought he had me beat with trip jacks! Doh. I'm now 2nd in chips at the table.

17:01 another kill and I'm over 60k, barely. He went out in 468th. My A-J beat his A-lower. Two more deaths at the table we we're down to 459 players total. I'm still 3rd largest at the table.

17:08 just laid down pocket Js preflop. Would have lost my shirt too. 67k pot before it got to me.

2nd break; I am 40 of 415. Avg stack is 32k, I am at 63k. Stack range is 161k to 675.

Back now 500/1000 ante 75. I get pocket 10s on the button. Sadly, nothing comes of it. Something didn't feel right, bailed out after the flop.

17:22 down to 45k. Let pocket 7s beat up my 6s. Doh. Back to 50k by 17:26.

17:31 down to 347 players now. Large stack at the table is 80k. I'm back to 55k. Wow, we have an admin watching the table. Wonder if he's blogging about us?

17:47 Wow, back to 2nd largest stack. The 80k imploded down to 30k. Getting expensive now. 750/1500 with 150 antes.

17:51 down to 264 players, observers are talkative now. Getting down to the "interesting" time.

17:58 broke 70k as my flopped straight turned into a flush with a straight flush draw. Down to 238 as another player dies.

18:02 99k stack landed at our table. I have pocket Ks. I doubled through him, 143k. He had pocket Qs. He's now down to ~20k and says it's his 2nd or 3rd bad beat to cost him the 6 figure stack. Now 1000/2000 with 200 ante.

3rd break I am 15 out of 188. Average stack is 71k, and I am about double that. Stack range is 263k to 5k. Not bad at all.

And we're back 1250/2500 with 250 ante. AJo to open. Nothing much happens.

18:31 down to 179 players.

18:34 I just killed another. Up to 180k, I liked that guy too. Bloody P. I'm second stack at the table. Two of us around 180k. 170 players left. Seeing empty seats, and slow to fill kills. Getting down to the wire.

18:47 Have our first official "I'm waiting for the money" perma-sitting out player. Ick.

18:48 down to 134 players.... over 200k now, my pocket Js worked out against the other live leading stack.

18:53 down to 150k, gotta stop playing medium hands against that guy. Now 2000/4000 with a 400 ante. And I thought my blinds got ugly...

18:59 down to 125 players.... 81 is where the first prize is. I have 155k still. 4th largest at the table now.

19:08 down to 100k in stack. Ouch. Play is getting vicious. Now 2500/5000 with 500 ante.

19:11 losing more cash on being in hands where folks go all-in around me. Alive though. Barely. Haven't seen much in the way of hands, and have played them poorly. Ouch indeed.

19:14 bad call, down to 50k. Shoulda let it go against the new guy. Kicker wars, he won.

19:15 sucked out the river, back to 100k

And finally out in 101st place..... Very close.

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