Friday, November 02, 2007

There's a blanket in the freezer....

If you ever wonder how your kids are going to turn out, I can clue you in; They will be as weird as you, their parents, are.

Last night we were putting the kids to bed and having a bit of the "I forgot my...". Normally the rule is, if you don't remember it, you can forget about it - this was an exception night, so I went off to find my son's blanket. The one he has had since he was too young to know he had it.

I couldn't find it. Thus, I used the innate magical abilities that are granted to Fathers everywhere and cast my spell of searching; "Wifey? Have you seen Kyle's blanket?"

"Yes. It's in the freezer."

Come again? "Uh. Ok." I may not understand why, but I know a "I'm sure I know" tone when I hear it. In the freezer, above the frozen veggies and below the frozen meats, was one semi-frozen blanket.

"I put it in there once over the summer and he loved it," she explained. Anyone tell him it's November and not August?

I brought it back to my son who quickly turned it into a pillow/wrap.

"Dude, that's cold." I said with all the wisdom of my position as Father.

"I like it that way!" He said, and rolled into it a few more times for good measure.

Odd, but how often is that likely to happen? Being weird myself, I went into the freezer this morning for some ice and there his blanket was cooling for tonight.

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John said...

It makes sense to me...Sorry Roger, you Tiger now!