Monday, December 17, 2007

What is the universe trying to tell me?

Winters in New England are always an adventure. After the last two storms we have a good foot and a half of snow with a 3/4" thick ice ridge. So far, we've already had one ice dam result in a leak. Rah. Think I found that one.... Still, after it rained in my cellar (looked like one of those displays from the mall on my wall) a few years back I've been paranoid. When we found the leak, out I went to clear off the snow around that vent and fix it up.

No problem. Well, except for falling down the stairs. Icy they were ow. Up and cleaned, no problem. Then the universe dropped another storm on us. Ugh.

Okay, I can see the dams forming I'll go up and clear them off. Off I go. Have I mentioned I hate ladders? Took me years to realize it's not a fear of height I have, it's a fear of control - or lack there of. Ladders worry me as they aren't as stable as I'd like them to be. Still, up I went. Got through all the tough stuff and up onto my deck where it's only a few feet....

Does it count as falling off a ladder if the ladder slips on the slick deck causing you to evaluate gravity's focus on the way down? I landed with my legs pinned under one rung and around another - no breaks. Never hit my head, banged my arm, which I'm guessing is where I slapped out on the ladder.... Damage? Nothing major, I'll heal. And that blur of motion was all of my training going out in a woosh.

Still, job done.... but two falls in three days. Universe is telling me what exactly? *shrugs*


Christopher said...

Perhaps it's telling you that you're too busy and need to relax and get off your feet more often.

Al Toid said...

Either that or the universe is saying that Al is a bumble and he bounces. :)