Tuesday, December 04, 2007

When did you get so old?

After Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas and before the kids were all in bed, my son announced that he was ready for his own room. I knew this because as I came upstairs with the laundry my wife was busily reorganizing the playroom to make room for the bed that was partially in the hallway.

I knew this day would come. My eldest daughter had convinced my son, much before he was ready to move out of "the kids room", that he wanted to do this - it lasted an hour. This was his idea though - it might work.

I watched as my wife did her imitation of a bulldozer through the messy floor of the room that used to be the toy room. I helped move the box-spring out of the "girl's room" and get it settled in the cleared space in "the boy's room". My son settled it, only wanting to trade his small stuffed tiger for a much larger Sully (from Monsters Inc.). I let him have both, some rules can be broken on special occasions.

We said good night, and closed his new door partway. Unlike the room he's been in he had no clock night-light, so the only light was that leaking in from the other rooms. I went downstairs to ponder when he got this old. As my wife came down she let me know that two of the cats were on his bed, keeping an eye on him.

And he slept through the night, no problem. I feel like I missed something, or, maybe, I'm just feeling like a parent.

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