Thursday, January 10, 2008

Firefox addons I now use...

When I got the Mac for work I decided to do something weird - not install all of my FireFox addons. Given that it was a new OS and a new UI, it made sense that what I did on Windows XP may not be what I would need here.

It was the right move. My Firefox addon list now looks like:

Adblock Plus - There are Ads on the internet? You sure?
Download Statusbar - A drop in replacement for the default firefox stuff. Really useful.
Fancy Numbered Tabs - Puts a number on the tabs so you can Alt-# to them easily.
(Wish this worked with the Noia theme *sigh*)
FaviconizeTab - No surprise, for Pandora. Reduces a tab down to its favicon.

Then for work;
Firebug - Do web dev? Go get it.
YSlow - Don't use this one as much, but it has some neat data
Web Developer - I have to go see if I use this all the time and don't realize it, or never touch it.

Since the Mac menuing system does what Personal Menu does, I didn't need to do that. There were a few others that fell by the wayside as well.

What are the ones you guys live on that I don't use?

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Christopher said...

Tabs Menu
TinyURL Creator