Friday, January 04, 2008

Halloo 2008!

And goodbye fall of 2007. You can leave, you wont be missed (pun unintentional).

It's been quiet here recently, I know. The problem with my set of restrictions for blogging is that you have to be careful what you write about. I don't want to put friends a family onto a stage they don't want to be on so many "cool posts" die before they go very far. Still, I'll find something.

A big theme on the blogsphere right now is, no shock, New Years Resolutions. Personally, I don't follow them. I'd rather make and update my goals as I go along. Am I dieting? Sure, I want to lose a few pounds. I'm also exercising, as both tanked during the last few months. It's nothing to do with the new year though.

I have also had some good success cleaning out the chaff in my inbox. Ever sit and figure out of all the emails you signed up for, that someone sends you, how many you read? I have been focusing on that as of late. Especially after the barrage I was getting around Christmas - that had to stop. One retailer was emailing me daily with "specials". Can't be that special if you tweak it daily guys.

Unlike postal mailed catalogs, I control my inbox (aside from Spam, but I can control that too with some effort and tools). So now, when I get a new email from some service I signed up for but never use, instead of deleting it, I opt-out. I have cut my garbage mail down over 80% already. Most of this stuff I used at one time, but no longer and never made the effort to remove myself from it.

Funny that. At 2s a delete if I get one message a week, thats one minute of wasted time a year. Doesn't seem like much, but now multiply that by all the emails you get and it adds up.

Try it. Take a week and filter through your own and remove yourself from any that you were ready to delete the moment you read the from and/or subject line.

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