Friday, January 04, 2008

Of kittens and leaves....

As you may remember, we got a kitten in Sep '07. Spaz, as she's been named, has become a regular sibling in the family. Annoying her older sisters, attacking invading paper scraps, and using the dogs tail as an amusement ride. Lately, though, she's decided to become a regular member of my "office staff".

The office staff are those pets that are (foolish?) enough to come and hang in the dungeon. This time of year the dungeon is cold, even with the space heater going. Those who brave it out down here either have fur coats or jobs. Normally it is our middle cat, Nikki, on top of my bookcase on her cat mat and the pup that visit. And now Spaz.

As I write this Spaz is staring out the window in front of where I work. She's been there for 10 minutes, maybe 15. She started up on the shelf by her sister when something outside caught her attention. She was in the "pre pounce" look that all cats have once they've sighted in on a target.

She was smart enough to realize that she couldn't leap from there and through the window. So she got down, and with her back paws on the shelf and her front paws on the window sill - resumed her vigil.

The object, outside, that has her interest is a leaf that has its stem stuck in the snowbank from shoveling off our deck. It's wedged in enough that it wont be blown away, but it still sways randomly with the wind. In her mind, it must be some cool intruder as nothing has kept her interest this long.

She had been at the window long enough that I was used to her. Then, suddenly, a new noise. "BONG". You know the sound. It's the sound of the kittens head hitting the window as she learns that she can't leap through it.

To her credit, where her sisters would do the "I didn't do that". She glared, briefly at the window, and then resumed her watch of the leaf.

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