Thursday, January 17, 2008


Yes, I'm still enjoying my iPhone. Trust me, it's tweaking Verizon as much as some of you who are still shocked I bought one. Still, they did make me that amazing offer after I bought my $500 phone, that they'd take $10 off my next phone from them.

Anyway, the latest patch for the iPhone came out over the past couple of days and this morning I found myself installing that, and the latest iTunes patch. Welcome to an impromptu patch day! For those that haven't gone through updating your iPhone, here's how it normally works:

You plug in your iPhone, and iTunes lets you know that new software is available. After promising the EULA gods your first born, you start downloading. It automatically installs, restarts your phone, does some registration stuff and your good to go.

Nothing too painful.

Today, though, a new wrinkle; both the iPhone and iTunes had an update. I'm a seasoned software dude, I know this drill. Update the installer first! I aborted the iPhone update, and instead did the iTunes one. Good so far. Reboot required (rare, and still annoying).

Came around, did the normal iPhone update, and I lost all connectivity to AT&T. Weird. Maybe it's a fluke. I'll keep an eye on it.... hours pass, no change. This is very odd, not only no bars I'm now getting "no service". Uh. Good patch. Okay, one last check. Lets plug it in and see if anything new syncs down.... *whirrr buzz click* "Activation successful!"

Ah. Why didn't it do that during the upgrade like it usually does?

If you have some quirks after install iPhone 1.1.3, unplug the USB and replug it in to kick up activation.

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