Wednesday, January 30, 2008

That's why....

I've been playing MP3s and streaming audio since I got hooked on both in a year my kids will remind me was before they were born. I enjoy finding and purchasing music. Sorry RIAA, I have actually *bought* mine, so don't hope to get another frivolous lawsuit out of this post.

Through services like Pandora (and others who have end of lifed) I've found everything from Trans Siberian Orchestra to Nightwish and many in between. With my new found Apple addiction, I've gotten hooked on iTunes and allow myself part of my allowance each month to pick up new tunes. I'm afraid to look at the size of the folder.

It has served me well. The kids enjoy the "Music that Dad made" on car rides (CDs with at least one favorite song for everyone) and I really enjoy tailoring mixes for my running, or work. When I have bad days at work it's nice to click on the "My Top Rated" in iTunes and let those songs that I really like overwhelm my bad mood.

I'm not 100% sure the neighbors like it when I do this, as I have been known to tell friends "I can feel my keyboard vibrating" due to the volume level I'm playing things at. Still, if my idea of Zen meditation is rattling the rafters, tough. On days like that you don't want to tell me to turn it down.... encouragement to find a louder system you don't want to give me.

Haven't tried iTunes? Give it a whirl. Prior to this I was using WinAmp (PC only), but I never made a connection with the rating system (although I'm a year out on releases now) which is what I've been using to good effect on the Mac.

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