Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter Cleaning?

Finally this weekend I attacked my cellar. My home office and all of our computers are in the cellar. As well as anything else that gets dumped there. As we started to use the wireless connection more I had wanted to reorg the network to move the access point into a more open area. In order to do that I had to blast through the junk in the way.

Funny how there are those points in the house that accumulate clutter. For us, the cellar had been the dumping ground for wrapped presents, boxes, left over wrapping paper, and more than a few cat toys (ranging from actual cat toys to 'which one of them stole that!?'). With my Son over Grandma's and the girls playing with friends, I dug in and started moving things.

It always interests me how your mind works when your doing these things. I had been shifting and rerunning network cables while moving furniture and I had it my head that this one cable had to go. It ran from the old hub location to the new one, no need for that! No sooner had I gotten it removed than I realized I needed a wire running from one of the systems, where the hub had been, to the new hub. Could have moved it over and been done with it. Ooops. Ah well, the dust bunnies and I now have a new accord.

After having finished the cellar, my wife and I attacked our bed room, another source of clutter. I wonder how much of the house is going to survive our Winter Cleaning.

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