Thursday, January 31, 2008

Zen Simplification

I keep forgetting to post this (even if its posted in two different places in my home office. Doh!):
Zen Simplification
1) Collect everything in one place
2) Choose the essential
3) Eliminate the rest
4) Organize the remaining neatly and nicely.
Sadly I lost the original source. I have been doing this for years. The idea is simple, when an area (desk, cellar, garage, file system) gets filled up you go and Simplify it. Take everything and put it out in the open, find those things that you use, eliminate the rest (this includes the 'but I put this here for some reason!' items) and then organize the remaining.

If you look back at my post about the cellar cleaning, this is what I did, even if I didn't call it out explicitly. Before I could get to rewiring the network I had to clean out the Christmas clutter that had accumulated. I pulled it all out, looked at what was used, what wasn't, and tossed everything in the latter category. The rest got organized, and then I dove into rewiring the network.

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