Monday, February 25, 2008

Breaking out the classics

It was a fun family weekend. On the parental side, we've finally started repainting the universe, starting with the ceilings (sorry, no ceiling cats found). The kids have been excited for us to start the painting projects as Mom has promised they can help with the walls. Since we weren't doing walls we compromised and the kids helped with fetching of tools, etc. and then we took them out to lunch and then did groceries.

While at Stop & Shop we came across a board game kiosk. Yeah, I was surprised too. Monopoly, Battle Ships, Connect 4 -- all those staples of our youth. There were more but I focused in on battleships thinking the older two would have fun. They have been playing it ever since.

Picture this; it's the heat of battle. My son has managed to sink 3, my daughter has sunk 4 and is searching for my son's patrol boat. It's her shot.

Daughter: "I-1"
Son: "HOW?!"
Daughter: "I-1"
Son, now getting agitated. "You didn't sink my last ship"

Luckily Mom stepped in to explain that "I 1" was a coordinate, not a statement that he had lost to his sister. I'm so glad they don't equip these ships with nukes.

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