Friday, February 01, 2008

The Internet is written by....

... coders drinking caffeine and listening to loud music.


For me, I had a deadline I had to meet and was having that feeling of "I can't get moving." I had lunch, grabbed a Mountain Dew on the way into the office, loaded up some "Motivational Music" (in this case, loud Nightwish) and got to work.

The result? An couple hours later the deadline was achieved and sent out for review. I'm more relaxed, if on a high from the coding session, and things look good (until the users get their hands on the work *laughs*).

Why does this work? The drink is probably psychosomatic, to some extent, but the rest had some interesting side effects:

The loud music blocks out distractions and clearly indicates I'm busy. If the headset is on and you can hear the music, don't interrupt unless a server is literally on fire.

I set my IM (Adium) to a "busy" message of "Working. Important IMs will be answered" and proceeded to ignore anything that came through that wasn't a coworker with an important issue (thank you Growl!)

I then focused on my work. Oddly enough, in an interrupt free environment where I was relaxed and focused. Whoa, look! I did everything those "how to eliminate distractions and get stuff done" suggest and it all started when I got a dew, some tunes, and decided "this has to be done now."

I'm sure there's a lesson in there....

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