Thursday, February 28, 2008

Look! Flying Pigs!

I finally coerced my wife to get her Google tools set up properly last night. In honor of her finally getting Reader going, I thought I'd post the top ten eight (in no particular order) of blogs that I enjoy reading.
I can has cheezeburger?This internet phenom is up there with AYBARBTU, you've either heard of it, or your about to go "Is this where those cat pics with bad grammar come from!". This is where Ceiling Cat hides, and no, I don't have the bucket.
WoW InsiderYou knew I had at least one, right? This is my main resource for WoW related info. It's gotten very busy as its popularity has increased, but it doesn't suck yet.
Zen HabitsKinda in the GTD space, this blog contains a lot of tips and ideas for self-improvement. Thankfully it's not the 300 page kind but the "Hmm, that's interesting" kind.
TUAWThe Unofficial Apple Weblog (now you know why folks call it TUAW) covers all things apple. It's the WoW Insider of the Apple space. Great resource on patches, upcoming stuff, software, etc.
Cool ToolsThis is a low volume site that contains one cool tool (or item) per day. This is where I found the Total Shaving Solution I now use, and a few other cool things.
LifehackerThis link is for the top 10. If you want to see the definition of high volume, Lifehacker keeps up with Digg and Reddit but on the life hacking side. You'll find all sorts of stuff here from Zen Habit's cross links to USB Docks for HDs.
Download SquadSimilar to TUAW, but not Apple-centric. You'll find tools for all OS's crossing through here.
PostSecretAnother internet Phenom. People mail this guy their secrets on postcards and he posts the more interesting ones. Go look, you'll be surprised. Not only has this caught on, it's spawned a few books.

For the stat curious: I have 58 subscriptions, and over the last 30 days I have read 4,781 items, starred 1 items, shared 3 items, and emailed 13 items (from Reader Trends). Looks impressive until you realize I skim Reddit and - talk about high volume!

I made it to ten after all!

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