Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sorry Microsoft....

It has happened. Unthinkable! Deranged! Pick your favorite exclamation - my network is no longer a Microsoft Ad. The Apple Guy has broken in. The wife needed a new computer that could play WoW, PokerStars, web browse, do email, and work on photos. Hmm, all those tools come pretty clean on a new Mac. So she is the proud owner of a new MacBook Pro.

The conversion went pretty simply. Moving her address book, photos, and WoW install was simple. WoW ships both OS X and WinXP on the same disks (Go Blizzard!) so 10 CDs later (original and BC) WoW was working. Outlook Express' address book is easily exported as a CSV and reimported into Address Book on the Mac. Photos slide easily into iPhoto. The "worst" thing I had to do was get Outlook's folders into Mail.app.

Even that wasn't so bad, as long as you have a working Windows PC. You can run DbxConv on your Windows PC (or someone's Windows PC) and convert the DBX files to Mbox which Mail.app can import easily.

Even PokerStars cooperated releasing a beta native OS X client. The world is ending.

Now to see if she gets hooked or kills me.

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