Friday, May 30, 2008

Come again?

I've been called many things but this one cracked me up...

It reads "There are good and dad germs". *laughing* I know what she meant, but this version is much funnier. This was hung outside my son's cafeteria.

Good, or bad?

Support our Troops.
If you can't stand behind them,
then feel free to stand in front of them.
My wife saw this one as a bumper sticker. I don't feel that it conveys the right meaning. You know I support our troops. They are doing a job, one they volunteered for, so we can do our job in making sure what they do "is the right thing".

Part of what they defend, to steal a quote from Demolition man, is our right to be @$$h*les. Seriously. They are defending our right to have our own opinion, even if it differs from what is currently mainstream.

Should those people be put on the front lines 0r, depending on your interpretation of that quote, shot? That' would be another of those opinions your entitled to.

Personally, I think this one works better:

Support our troops, they're doing their job.
Question the Politicians, they have an agenda.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I took the kids to the Memorial day parade, dedication, and wreath placing this year. It was the first year I "made" them sit through most of it, and they had a lot of questions. There's no doubt that they were there for the parade more than the speeches.

As we walked from the town's Veteran's Memorial to the graveyard I was fielding all kinds of questions.

"Who was the woman [who spoke]?" She was an Army Vet, recently released from Bethesda after having an IED "only do soft tissue damage" to her legs while deployed. She spent 6 months recovering and she walked in the Parade.

That was the easy one this year. As we walked we started talking about why countries would go to war. I explained that it's a lot like the kids getting into a fight at school. It may make sense at the moment, but in the end you both end up beat and wonder why you did it. As I'm explaining this, I notice a woman in her late 40s hovering near us. As I start to wonder, and stop talking, she prompts me to continue.

"I want to hear the end," she said. "You must be a teacher. Do you teach?"

"No, I'm a software engineer."

She continues with us as I finish the analogy and we all reach the graveyard for the Wreath Ceremony. I wish I had said thank you to her. She made my day with that simple complement - especially after a close friend told me that the only way I know how to teach is by hurting people.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Using Ubuntu or Debian? Read NOW.

This comes from the SANS Storm Center:
It is obvious that this is highly critical – if you are running a Debian or Ubuntu system, and you are using keys for SSH authentication (ironically, that's something we've been recommending for a long time), and those keys were generated between September 2006 and May 13th 2008 then you are vulnerable. In other words, those secure systems can be very easily brute forced. What's even worse, H D Moore said that he will soon release a brute force tool that will allow an attacker easy access to any SSH account that uses public key authentication.

But this is not all – keep in mind that ANY cryptographic material created on vulnerable systems can be compromised. If you generated SSL keys on such Debian or Ubuntu systems, you will have to recreate the certificates and get them signed again. An attacker can even decrypt old SSH sessions now.
If you've used Ubuntu or Debian to generate SSH, Certificates, etc. get to regenerating them before the tools to break the keys are fully in the wild.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

A week of things that make you think....

This is a video of a lecture at UC Berkley in 2007. It's another of those worth your time to watch. This one is a bit longer than reading the article from the last post, and just as thought provoking.

It's too bad information of this level is confined to the Lecture circuit, while Britney, Miley and George hog the headlines and distract folks from what will be affecting them soon enough. At what point did we start assuming that people were too stupid to deal with real issues... Fox? NBC? Beuller?