Thursday, June 05, 2008

Creatively running....

It's annoying. While running I'm composing these cool blog posts, by the time I get settled in I've forgotten them. Write them down while running! Uh, no. Running is for running, not stopping to write (although maybe while doing intervals). Part of what I'm trying to achieve while running is not stopping - taking notes would defeat that. Ah well, lets see if I can figure out where I left off.

Last year I always had my iPod with me. The cadences were a big help keeping me moving in a good rhythm. This year I've been leaving it at home. Not that I don't start screwing them up, but my goals have been different. I've been forcing myself to deal with myself and not hide behind the music. Think of it as a running meditation.

The results have been fun. On days where my mind is all over the place, my runs are horrid. Days where I can empty my mind and stay focused on the run, I do well. The experience has helped me to push past some of the stress that I've been incurring at work and with certain friends.

Where ya going with this dude? Well, what cracked me up today was the broken cadence that kept cropping into my head:
Up the hill! Down the hill! Around the hill! Back again!
3 Miles. You can do it! If you try! Guts! Pride! Loyalty!
Yes, it was a three mile route. I kept hanging up on that "Loyalty" one. After being zinged with the "You teach by hurting" I've been stuck in a self evaluation mode on my teaching skills. If it were any one else who had said it, I would have laughed it off and moved on, but someone that was once so close to me shook me up. I think I have an answer, though, and we'll let G'n'R put it into words:
I know you don't wanna hear me cryin'
An I know you don't wanna hear me deny
That your satisfaction lies in your illusion
But your delusions are yours and not mine
We take for granted we know the whole story
We judge a book by its cover
And read what we want
Between selected lines
My promise: back to the normal babble on the next post. Enough of damning myself. Silence isn't golden when I'm holding it inside...

... I wonder if the RIAA is gonna hit me up for quoting lyrics?

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