Friday, June 06, 2008

Mac Tools...

As promised, no introspection posts for a bit. Instead, lets see what Mac tools are on the dock these days.

TextMate - My programmers editor on the Mac. More pieces than I know how to use atm.
Adium - Trilian on the Mac. AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, GTalk? Yes, and more.
Things - The only way to track tasks, imo. You want to GTD, sure you can, otherwise home brew!
QuickSilver - When I changed from PC to Mac. This was a lifesaver. Now it's an addiction.
Pixelmator - PaintShopPro on the Mac, mostly. Still growing, very useful.
Skitch - The only way to take and annotate screenshots
SSHKeychain - Let something else worry about those SSH keys. Nice OSX integration.
iTerm - Forget the regular terminal... I missed my tab bar.

Those are the non-standard tools I use the most. TextMate and PixelMator require registration at some point. Skitch and Things are still in beta, but will be looking for cash. The rest are free.

Downloaded, but untried:
MeerKat - allegedly a big brother to SSHKeychain, but with a price tag.
IceClean - System tuning helper.

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Ehrich said...

Something I needed after installing MS Office tools is
Font Finagle 1.0 to clean my font cache.