Tuesday, July 01, 2008

We Passed.

For those that haven't heard, the wife and I both passed our belt exams. She has reached blue, and I brown (Our dojo goes: white - orange - purple - blue - green - brown - black). I could write a lot on the test itself from the opening run to the ending staring contest (seriously!) and all that transpired in between, but the thing that caught my attention was the next morning.

As the house started to wake up, mainly the wife and I the kids were already up, my eldest daughter comes into our bedroom and asks "Is this cooking oil?". At that moment we were both wide awake. Our eldest is 8, can cook, and knows how to read. So the question was a little odd.

"No," my wife answered. "That's vanilla." My wife got and up and they left the room.

A little while later we were all seated in the dining room having pancakes. My eldest decided that our arms would be sore, so it would be nice if she cooked breakfast. She got her sister to help, and they made pancakes for everyone.

It was a nice start to the Test Hangover day.

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Jp said...

Woo! Congrats to you both.