Friday, August 08, 2008

Hmm, that didn't go as planned.

No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy.
— Field Marshall Helmuth Carl Bernard von Moltke
Yeah, that sums it up. I finally upgraded to DD-WRT v24-SP1. Last time I upgraded my router was in 2006. What's that mean? Well, it means that my settings are gonna be garbage and my memory had best be working.

For those in the know, skip this, for the rest I'll answer the "WTF are you talking about?!". Your connection to the internet likely goes through a box somewhere in your place that someone, somewhere, termed a router. Could be a Wireless-Router, Cable-Modem-Router, LinkSys-Router, etc. The names go on, but they all do the same basic thing, make sure that devices plugged into them or wirelessly accessing them, can get out onto the internet. Mine is a LinkSys WRT54GL v1.0 -- I know this because I had to go figure it out today to upgrade my router.

Okay, so what happened? Well, I like LinkSys, but I really like DD-WRT. DD-WRT is an in place replacement for the software on my LinkSys taking it from "cool" to "OMFGR0x0rzb0x0rz" allowing me to do a lot of things I "need" to do, and some that are just fun... in the end I'm a geek after all.

So, after figuring out what router I had, what version it was and what version of DD-WRT to put onto it to upgrade. I did the hard part (not) and flashed the new image onto the device - and it worked!

Well, it worked as a serious block to productivity -- no network access. Fidgeted with settings, tweaked this, tweaked that. Ugh, okay, wtf?! Well, nothing is working, nothing I do is helping. I shall do what Geeks around the world must do at a time like this; admit defeat and reset to factory defaults (what did you expect? Google it? I had not net access... well, except off the iPhone, still, read the dox? Yeesh!) and reconfigure from memory.

The reset did fix all my quirks, instant net access again. Thankfully my memory didn't suck too bad and I got the rest reconfigured so I don't have to go through the house telling all the wireless devices new keys (yuck).

Now to go see what I can tweak.... *evil grin*

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