Friday, September 19, 2008


My home office is in the cellar and I have one window. It's not far off from a cube in the farm at the typical office. I get some sun, but not much. Occasionally I take over the upstairs and enjoy a day of sunlight.

Today the family isn't here. Two thirds of the kids at school, the other with Mom visiting family. Leaving Dad, upstairs, away from his decent sound system and stuck with laptop speakers if I want to listen to my MP3s.... after awhile I started eyeing the house stereo system, I know I don't have the cable to hook my laptop audio to the system ('cause I looked for it *sigh*) but I can fall back to burning CDs.

I hope the neighbors are enjoying today's mix; new Theory of a Deadman and Metallica, mixed in with some older GodSmack, Disturbed and Nightwish.

... and it is more fun to headbang with longer hair. lol

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