Friday, October 17, 2008

Emotions in Music

Quickly, name a song that has meaning to you. How about one that causes a specific emotion when you hear it? Perhaps it makes you sad, agitated, aggressive; something. In my collection I have a number of songs that will do that, but one always makes me sad. It's from a game I've never played; Halo 3.

I never played Halo 3 because I already have a subscription to the Microsoft Operating System required upgrade plan -- I wasn't getting sucked into the Microsoft Game Console upgrade plan as well.

The penance exacted by Microsoft is that they released Halo 3 only on the 360. After having loved the first one, suffered the injustice of the abrupt cliff hanger in the 2nd, I never got to see the ending. Still, I own the soundtrack. A soundtrack with a song that causes me to feel sad every time it comes on. What's a geek to do?

Exactly. YouTube.

The ending, with the song, is posted so we can see how things finish for the Master Chief. The Admiral has a small speech he gives that speaks beyond the game;
For us, the storm has passed. The war is over. And let us never forget those who journeyed into the howling dark, and did not return. For their decision required courage beyond measure. Sacrifice, an unshakable conviction that their fight -- our fight, was elsewhere. As we start to rebuild, this hillside will remain barren, a memorial to heroes fallen. They ennobled all of us, and they shall not be forgotten.
I could see the same speech being given when our troops come home. To all soldiers, real and virtual. You will not be forgotten, and may time grant you the gift to forget that which you need to.