Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Quirk with Postfix and Dovecot...?

Over the weekend I got pulled into a tech call where my "CEOs Email wasn't working". To setup things here, we're on CentOs 4.latest with Postfix 2.2.10 and Dovecot 0.99. All patches are applied and up to date.

Sure enough there were a few pop3 processes sucking down 100% CPU loads. The log showed:
Nov 2 12:39:57 mail pop3(ceo@domain.com): Timeout while waiting for release of shared fcntl() lock for index file /var/spool/mail-domains/domain.com/CEO/mail/.imap/INBOX/.imap.index
A quick look showed that there were multiple processes locking out the file. After some "duhs" I got the right processes stopped, killed the remaining, and restarted. No change. Restarting all processes involved also showed no change. The moment the user came in, things locked back up. Tried removing and rebuilding the IMAP files, no change.

Eventually, I came around to the old standby and I did a $ mail -f CEO/mailbox and then quit out. That fixed it. Still not sure why.

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