Tuesday, December 09, 2008

And in other news...

On Saturday my wife and son were up for their next rank at the Dojo. For the adults, this means you've probably been stressing about it, overtly, for at least a few days - possibly longer. For the kids, it's usually a serious amount of excitement. Usually.

This time my son had himself wound up. I'm not sure if he knew it, and we didn't know it, until the day of. For the last week he's been unusually quiet and kept having these odd emotional out bursts. Nothing any of us could pin down. As I drove him to his test it became obvious; he spent the whole trip, and the rest of the weekend, talking. Guess he had a lot of pent up chatter from being quiet!

Both received their new rank! My wife getting her Green belt and my son getting his "Favorite Color" (Blue) belt. I'm very proud of them both - it was a busy day!

And in a surprise twist, I was awarded 2nd degree brown. Eeek. That much closer to the test.

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Chris said...

Congratulations all 'round!