Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy New Year!

Broken all your New Years Resolutions yet? No, I don't do resolutions. I found that I have enough projects between work and home that adding a few more that were spur of the moment didn't gain me anything. Instead, I borrowed an idea from one of my wife's older brothers (and some echo's online) and I look for a few guidelines that I'd like to follow.

Give you an example; instead of "lose 10 pounds" I would rework it to "focus on eating healthier". Instead of "Work sucks, find a new job" I have "Destress by finding the source of the stress" and "Continue professional learning".

They lack the conviction of "GO TO THE GYM MORE" but which of them is easier to achieve and allows the greatest flexibility for growth? I'm unlikely to meet the lose 10lbs goal by going to the gym, it isn't me, I do know that if I cut out snacks and soda I can start dropping weight at a decent clip.

The challenge I put before myself this year is an old Zen adage; Focus on the journey, not the destination. Specifically, I'm going to try doing this with work where there are always deadlines and deliverables, but not much enjoyment on the way there (at least lately for me, thus the other goal about working on destressing). There is so much "Microsoft Project" focus that we lose sight of the things we enjoy doing along the way - I know I have lately.

And you folks? What ya aiming at this year?

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Al Toid said...

Find work, eat and get healthier, try not to kill anyone this year.

(I figure I can toss a gimme in there, so I'll have a success.)