Thursday, January 15, 2009

On tweaking GMail...

I've been getting more use out of my Gmail account lately (mostly due to creating more Google Groups, but that's another post). With the help of some friends at work, I've been making use of some of the information that my company, and friends, store on the web.

Here's a few things that I had to chase down that may help you out:
  • In Google Labs (via settings or the beaker) turn on NavBar drag and drop. This will let you reorder the left (or right) set of gadgets.
  • While your in there:
    If you use Google Calendar, pick up the Google Calendar gadget
    Same for Google Docs
You'll want to learn about filters and tagging if you haven't used them. Filters let you automatically place things into 'folders' in GMail, similar to your standard email client. Things get interesting as you start tagging things. For example, you could set it up such that email from your family gets tagged as 'family'. Not only can you now search for these posts, but your inbox will show the label 'family' when you receive messages from them.

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