Sunday, December 20, 2009

Go Jill Landesberg-Boyle!

It's always cool to hear of friend's family doing cool things. I can't put it better than the email did:

FKCC to share in 2.24 Mil thanks to Jill Landesberg-Boyle

Dr. Jill Landesberg-Boyle, president of the Florida Keys Community College (FKCC), just found out that FKCC will share in $2.24 million of a special appropriation for Instrumented Underwater Training Systems (IUTS). Dr. Jill Landesberg-Boyle was instrumental in the efforts to have FKCC participate in this program and it is a big win for the college.

The college will take part in 3 areas:
  • Modeling and simulation of natural subsurface environments
  • Diver training with simulated real-world scenarios
  • Creating a training quality-control process in which new technologies, training methods and simulated environments are reviewed for continuous improvement.
Dr. Jill Landesberg-Boyle saw a hidden gem in the dive program at FKCC and this exciting news shows that she was right.

Congrats! Here's hoping FKCC can put the funds, and the program, to good use!

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Sammy said...

You can also see more about this on this press release on Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen's site. In the press release Bill Chalfant credits Ros-Lehtinen and Dr Jill Landesberg-Boyle with bringing this incredible opportunity to FKCC.